Bread fermentation temperature
- Nov 07, 2017 -

In the early stage of the oven, the yeast in the bread billet began a more vigorous life activities than before, resulting in a large number of CO2 gas, so that the volume of the bread is further increased, when baking continues, the temperature of the bread is up to 44 ℃, the capacity of the yeast production decreased, 50 ℃ began to die, 60 ℃ when all died, Starch and protein are two main components of bread billet.

In the baking process, starch in hot paste, the bread billet is cooked by change, at the same time, part of the starch is decomposed into dextrin and malt under the action of enzymes, the protein in the bread is mainly in the form of gluten, when the bread is heated to 60~70℃, the protein in the bread starts to be denatured and solidified, releasing the moisture absorbed by the swelling Some proteins are decomposed into peptides, peptone and amino acids under the action of enzymes.