Characteristics of red wine yeast
- Nov 07, 2017 -

"Wine yeast" selection of excellent strains, with heat, acid, high decomposition of the characteristics of the rich vitamin B, U. G. (unknown growth factor), and other essential amino acids, etc., for animal feed indispensable nutrients; because the "wine yeast" fermentation time is long, the accumulation of nutrients, The yeast is far from normal.

"Red wine Yeast" contains a high amount of O. P. C (the pigment of the anterior flower of the oligosaccharide), in recent years, nutritionists have recognized the natural antioxidant substances, and O. P. C Antioxidant capacity is vitamin C, E $number times, the animal body immunity has a significant enhancement, so can reduce v e (vitamin E) added dosage; Red wine Yeast "contains a high amount of organic iron, organic selenium, organic zinc, etc., can improve the hematopoietic function of animals, improve blood hemoglobin content, prevent anemia, improve blood circulation, improve the nutritional status of the skin, so that pig skin ruddy, hair color bright;" Wine yeast "in the production process of two times fermentation, its yeast cell wall crack, The yeast protein digestion is close to 100%, in the feed formula, can reduce the waste of digestion energy, is an ideal protein source for animals, promote the absorption and utilization of trace elements and vitamins, promote growth, improve feed conversion rate.