Effect of homemade wine on yeast addition
- Nov 07, 2017 -

1. Control time. Can allow the wine to start fermentation in a very short time, complete fermentation, which is beneficial to the efficient use of fermentation containers.

2. Predictability. We can do this according to the wine performance indicators (such as alcohol degree, sugar content), through the yeast volume control, the use of time control to achieve, the results are predictable.

3. Controllable. When we quantify the use of all substances throughout the fermentation process, we can control the fermentation process and the fermentation results.

4. Pure. One of the obvious problems with natural yeast is that it produces other undesirable flavors and gases, but we do not have such problems with artificial pure yeast, which have been studied in research institutions to be used externally.

5. No residue of fermented sugar. Artificial pure yeast can efficiently convert sugar into alcohol and will not allow sugar that continues to ferment to exist in wine.

6. Yeast flavor Active access. According to different grape varieties to add the corresponding yeast, can produce specific or people expected yeast flavor, improve the quality of wine.

7. Special application. In certain conditions, predictable flocculation characteristics, such as in the brewing process of champagne.