Growth conditions of yeast
- Nov 07, 2017 -

Nutrition: Yeast Like other living organisms need similar nutrients, like bacteria it has a set of intracellular and extracellular enzymes to decompose macromolecules into small molecular substances that are easy to use in cell metabolism, which are heterotrophic.

Acidity: Yeast can grow within the ph value of 3.0-7.5, and the optimum ph is pH4.5-5.0.

Water: Like bacteria, yeast must have water to survive, but yeast needs less water than bacteria, and some yeast can grow in very little water, such as honey and jam, indicating that they have a fairly high tolerance for osmotic pressure.

Temperature: At temperatures below the freezing point of water or above 47 ℃, yeast cells generally cannot grow, and the optimum growth temperature is generally 20℃~30℃.

Oxygen: Yeast in the aerobic and anaerobic environment can grow, that is, yeast is a facultative bacteria, in the case of oxygen, it decomposes sugar into carbon dioxide and water, in the presence of oxygen, yeast growth faster.