Measures to protect bread yeast in summer
- Nov 07, 2017 -

1, the best way is to install air-conditioning in the workshop, will room temperature at 25 ℃ around.

2, as far as possible to control the dough temperature mixer, to ensure that the dough temperature of about 26 ℃.

3. Use ice water to stir the dough.

4, in advance with ice, or ice water to cool, cooling stirring cylinder.

5, in advance the original accessories into the freezer or cold storage cooling.

6, after the completion of mixing dough temperature is still more than 30 ℃, can put the dough into the freezer or cold storage to cool down to 30 ℃ below, in the next process.

7, if the use of pressure surface process, can be divided into several pieces of dough, first pressure a piece of dough, the other dough into the freezer or cold storage to prevent the dough from warming more than 30 ℃, once the dough temperature of more than 30 ℃, the yeast will quickly grow and reproduce and fermentation in advance, the dough produced a lot of gas, it can not be

8, scientific use of yeast. The dough surface produces a lot of bubbles in the stirring process, the external cause is that the dough temperature exceeds 30 ℃, and the internal factor is the fermentation of the yeast in advance.

9, in the dough mixing process, should be as early as possible to add grease, rather than the normal stirring dough in the gluten expansion stage when adding grease.

10. Reduce dough stirring time appropriately. Stir the dough in the summer to reach the usual, that is, gluten does not have to reach full expansion to reduce friction heating.

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