The disadvantages of dry yeast
- Nov 07, 2017 -

(1) The disadvantage of active dry yeast is high production cost.

(2) The fermentation speed is slow and the fermentation time is long.

(3) The use of inconvenient, must be in a very narrow temperature range of active dry yeast particles and water mixed, dry yeast in the process of production drying, the yeast cell membrane was partially destroyed, in the recovery of water, it takes a certain amount of time to restore its performance, then, the cell can not intercept any of the intracellular objects, so some of the intracellular leakage out, The lower the temperature of the complex water, the greater the loss of cell components, the weaker the fermentation activity, the lower the temperature range of active dry yeast activity is very narrow, because the dry yeast is dormant during storage, it must be activated by warm water before the 10-15min can be used to recover its activity.

(4) Another drawback of active dry yeast is to provide more of the dough, such as glutathione, which can reduce the gluten strength of the dough, the dough is more weak, compared with the fresh yeast to use a large number of oxidants to counteract the destruction of glutathione.