What is beer yeast?
- Nov 07, 2017 -

Beer yeast, also known as "nutritional yeast", for the yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, is Visenvi b family of the richest natural food, beer yeast mainly has the following health functions:

Enhance immunity: Beer yeast contains about 50% human body easy to absorb the complete protein, a balanced proportion of eight kinds of essential amino acid, nuclear protein, etc., can effectively enhance the human immune ability, is to provide human health vitality of strong health food, is also the best vegetarian plant protein supplements.

Stomach digestion: Beer yeast contains a wealth of natural vitamin B group, the daily life of regular consumption of beer yeast can help to promote appetite, maintain health.

Delaying aging: Brewer's yeast lowers neutral fat, assists in the metabolism of insulin-accelerated sugars, and increases important anti-aging hormones (dehydroepiandrosterone) to curb aging.

Healthy weight loss: Beer yeast can accelerate the fat metabolism, the elimination of fat toxins in the gut, when the body fat cells emptying, quickly fill in the needs of the human nutrition, to reduce the fat does not reduce nutrition and healthy weight loss effect.

Beauty: Wine yeast contains rich quality protein, B vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, can maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, promote blood circulation, maintain skin health, enhance skin elasticity, prevent skin aging.

Promote growth and development: Beer yeast contains complete protein, Vitamin B group, minerals, nucleic acids and other nutrients, can promote fetal development.

Beer yeast is a kind of natural nutrition health food, suitable for people with low immunity, bad appetite, people who need to postpone aging, beauty of women, etc.