Market Analysis Of Active Dry Yeast
- Nov 07, 2017 -

Active dry yeast is the use of modern biotechnology and advanced equipment to produce industrial-scale yeast cells dry into dry matter more than 95%, water under 5% of the products, vacuum packaging, the shelf life of a year, the water immediately after the sight becomes a physiological activity of the cells. It is also known as the active dry yeast, which is widely used in the food industry and the fermentation industry.

The bread active dry yeast is used as the flour's swelling agent, uses in the bread, the steamed bread, the biscuit manufacture. China's annual demand of 60,000 tons, the annual growth rate of 15%, if China's vast rural areas are replaced by traditional yeast with the old and chemical fermentation agent, the demand is 320,000 tons, but the current production of less than 40,000 tons.

Wine with active dry yeast used in liquor, alcohol, vinegar production and fermentation, can save manpower, material resources, reduce costs, improve the utilization rate ($number), currently in the domestic wine with active dry yeast instead of liquor factory and alcohol Factory wine Mother Training workshop, greatly saving the construction of investment, beer, Wine and other enterprises also need special beer and wine yeast, improve the quality of wine.