The Advantages Of Dry Yeast
- Nov 07, 2017 -

(1) Transport is more convenient than fresh yeast, long-distance transport does not require refrigerated vehicles. Active dry yeast is easy to ship and preserve the point of view, for far away from the yeast production plant in the area, particularly advantageous, generally speaking, the yeast export is in the form of active dry yeast output to tropical and subtropical countries.

(2) The most important advantage of active dry yeast is that it has good stability at normal temperature, at 32 ℃ and 21 ℃, and its effective storage period is 6 months and 21 months respectively. The activity is high, the activity is very stable, therefore, the use quantity is also very stable.

(3) The fermentation strength is greater than the fresh yeast, up to 1300ml, the fermentation endurance is greater than the fresh yeast.

(4) Do not need low-temperature storage, can be stored at room temperature of about 1-2 years, not easily deteriorated.

(5) The biggest drawback of active dry yeast is to provide more of the reduction of the dough, such as reduced glutathione, these substances can make dough strength reduced, the dough is more weak, compared with the fresh yeast to use a large number of oxidants to counteract the destruction of glutathione.

(6) Good endurance. Although high concentrations of sugar and fungicides, such as propionic acid, inhibit the activity of dry yeast, active dry yeast is more tolerant to these substances than fresh yeast, especially for the production of high sugar foods, active dry yeast can be used instead of fresh yeast.