The Market Prospect Of Active Dry Yeast
- Apr 19, 2018 -

Active dry yeast is using modern biotechnology and advanced equipment to dry industrial scale yeast cells into more than 95% dry matter and less than 5% moisture. Vacuum packaging, on the shelf life of one year. After seeing water, it turns into a cell with physiological activity. So it is also called the active dry yeast. This product is widely used in food industry and fermentation industry.

Bread active dry yeast is used as flour leavening agent for bread, steamed bread and biscuit production. The annual demand of our country is 60 thousand tons, and it grows at a rate of 15% a year. If the vast rural areas of our country use yeast instead of traditional dough and chemical fermentative, the demand is 320 thousand tons, but the output of the country is less than 40 thousand tons at present.

Alcohol active dry yeast is used in the fermentation of liquor, alcohol and vinegar. It can save manpower and material resources, reduce costs and improve grain utilization (3-5%). At present, alcohol active dry yeast is being used instead of distillery and distiller's alcohol cultivation workshop in China. Beer, wine and other enterprises also need special beer and wine yeast to improve the quality of wine.

Another major use of baker's yeast is the condiment, yeast monosodium glutamate. The principle is to use yeast rich protein, 48-50% protein, 8-10%'s nucleic acid, yeast autolysis and enzyme hydrolysis to form a aqueous solution of amino acids and nucleotides, condensed into a paste or spray dried to a powdery product with a delicious, nutritious, and delicious taste. Ladd's biochemical reaction can form flavoring flavoring with seafood, beef, chicken and pork flavours. It is favored by people, and the monosodium glutamate is replaced by yeast monosodium glutamate in Europe and America. China's monosodium glutamate production reached 1 million 100 thousand tons, while the yeast of less than 10 thousand tons. It grows at a rate of 60% a year. Foreign yeast extract business has reached an annual output of 3-6 tons scale. Yeast extract is the potential of a new generation of high-tech compound condiment.

Extraction of drugs from yeast cells, such as ribonucleic acid, ergosterol, glutathione, active polysaccharide and cell cellulose, has been industrialized. In yeast fermentation, the addition of certain substances can produce a variety of trace element yeast, supplementing the human body, and higher organisms than other chemical trace elements. Use degree.

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