The Truth About The Nucleic Acid Content Of Yeast Products
- Nov 07, 2017 -

Yeast cells in relation to other cells, the nucleic acid content is very high, which is the reason for the extraction of nucleic acid from yeast in industry, the nucleic acid content of mature yeast is generally in $number, while the yeast in growing period has a slightly higher nucleic acid content and achieves Cadbury. The nucleic acid content can reach 6.5-7.5%, but this technique is very complex, using synchronous fermentation and after the completion of the nucleus acid replication until the cell division is finished.

Beer fermentation process is carried out in the anaerobic environment, yeast fermentation efficiency is low, so the content of the yeast cell is relatively low, compared with yeast powder and broken yeast, yeast extracts because of the elimination of yeast cell wall components, nucleic acid content is higher, And now there are a variety of patented technologies that can increase the nucleic acid content of yeast extracts to $number.

However, these yeast extracts are expensive, mainly used in the food field to enhance the flavor of food or used in microbial media, very little useful in animal feed, however, due to the problem of nucleic acid detection methods, the market feed yeast products Nucleic acid labeling can be said to be multifarious, which has produced a great confusion to users.