Types Of Household Yeast
- Nov 07, 2017 -

1. Fresh yeast

Fresh yeast is a yeast containing a certain amount of yeast emulsion, after squeezing, color for the light yellow or milky white, the shape of the square block, with wax paper sealed packaging, each weight of about 15 grams, can be the same as the kilogram.

2. Active dry yeast

Active dry yeast is a fresh yeast by low-temperature drying, color for light yellow or milky white, a slender granular, vacuum packaging, 25 grams per bag weight, can be $number kg, shelf life of 2 years.

3. Hair dry yeast

That is, dry yeast is the latest process equipment to use the yeast emulsion separation of low-temperature dehydration refining, color is slightly yellowish, there is a special odor of yeast, particles in the mm, the diameter of about 0. 5 mm strip, vacuum packed with composite packaging material.

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